Payment Methods

Each month you will receive your credit card statement from Tractor Supply. You can pay part of your credit card’s total balance, but you should always pay the minimum amount due to avoid charges.


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Various Payment Methods

Tractor Supply offers three options for making a payment:

1: Making your credit card payment online: You must first register your account if your preferred option is to make your Tractor Supply credit card payment online. How to apply and pay online:

  • Go to the Tractor Supply credit card enrollment page.
  • If necessary, click Register your card so that you can create a username and password to log in.
  • It is important that you enter the username and password combination you chose when you registered an account.
  • You may need your bank account information and routing number to complete the payment.
  • Click “Login” after entering your account information.
  • Then you will be able to complete your payment by following the online instructions provided.

2: How to pay by mail with a Tractor Supply credit card: You may prefer to pay by mail with your Tractor Supply card or Tractor Supply Mastercard. It is like:

The amount you wish to pay should be written on a check or money order.

Indicate your account number on the check.

  • Address an envelope to:

Tractor delivery card payments

DUST. Box 9001011,Louisville, Kentucky 40290-1011

  • Attach postage and shipping charges. For accelerated payments, email:

Tractor Supply Card Next Day Delivery/Express Checkout

Attention: Consumer Payments Department.

6716 railway slope,Building 9, Suite 910,Louisville, Kentucky 40213


3: How to pay by credit card over the phone: Paying over the phone can be more convenient when you need to make your payment quickly or when you don’t have internet access. Follow these steps:

  • Gather your account information and routing number before calling.
  • Dial 800-331-3703 to access the automated payment system.
  • Press one to access account information about your credit card number or press two to access information about your social security number.
  • Follow the instructions to make the payment.