A retail chain that began in 1938 as Tractor Supply Company (or TSCO for short), is an American retailer of home and farm supplies, lawn and garden products, cattle and horses, and farm supplies for hobbyists and ranchers, animal owners. , and landowners. Founded in 1969, the company operates 2,000 stores across the United States from its headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee. It is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol TSCO and is on the Fortune 500 list.


The company is the country’s largest retail store operator of rural lifestyle products, operating more than 1,500 stores in 49 states. The stores offer unique products to support their customers’ rural lifestyles, from welders and generators to pet products and workwear for men and women. You can also find pet supplies, pet food, power tools, lawn mowers, lawn and garden products, and more. The team at each store is comprised of welders, ranchers, and horse owners who together offer an exceptional depth of knowledge and resources.

A new loyalty program is coming to Tractor Supply’s Neighbor’s Club, which offers the company’s consumers a new set of features and benefits. Program members, who incorporated customer feedback, received points for their purchases and were assigned membership levels based on their spending during the year. Tractor Supply is expected to launch the new program in May with a virtual concert experience that will include a featured artist that the company plans to announce at a later date and will be available exclusively to Neighbor’s Club members.


Earn 5% rewards and 5 points per dollar spent on Tractor Supply Credit Card with your TSC personal credit card. If you purchase a business card during a campaign period, you may qualify for special financing options, such as B. interest-free with payment in full. Preferred Neighbor’s Club benefits include free same-day delivery, all-day trailer rentals, and standard daily shipping with restrictions for all three.